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Chawton Pre-School

Welcome to Chawton Pre-School


We are set in the heart of Jane Austen's idyllic village, Chawton, at its picturesque oak-beamed village hall. From this location we have easy access to all of the village's facilities including cricket pitch, sports field, play-ground and Chawton House itself, as well as the numerous wooded areas and foot paths that surround this historic and beautiful village. The hall also makes for an exceptional pre-school classroom and our motivated, experienced staff make for a very happy and friendly environment for our children.   

Opening Hours


We are open 4 days a week during term time for children aged 2-5 years old.

  • Monday: 8.30am-3pm (including lunch)

  • Tuesday: 8.30am-3pm(including lunch)

  • Wednesday: Toddler Group 10-11.30am

  • Thursday: 8.30am-3pm

  • (including lunch)

  • Friday: 8.30am- 3pm (including lunch)


Within these opening times we offer flexible drop-off and pick-up times.

We also accept 2, 3 & 4 year funding and extended funding for those eligible families.

Upcoming Events

We look forward to seeing you soon and hope you are having an enjoyable autumn half term break. We re-open on: Monday 30th October @ 8.30am


We are welcoming new families-for registration/space enquiries please call

Karen on 07552 155 236 or email

to arrange a visit.

Dates for you Diary

Re-open: Monday 30th October 2023

W/C 30.10.23: Pumpkin Carving, Apple stamping. Outdoor class day-02.11. Firework pictures& rockets.

W/C 06.11.23: Remembrance week. Poppy pictures & making poppies. 10.11- Science Day- Volcanos

W/C 13.11.23: Nursery Rhyme Week. Humpty Dumpty creation

W/C 20.11.23: 19-25th Road Safety Week. Village walk to discuss safety. Making traffic lights/zebra crossings

W/C 27.11.23: Christmas Cards- Xmas Trees.

W/C 04.12.23: Christmas decorations/Fir Cones

W/C 11.12.23: Christmas Party- Monday 11th Dec. Christmas Picture using hand prints

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